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  • The village of Skjolden

    • An idyllic Norwegian fjord village with just a few hundred inhabitants (approx same amount as Flåm & Geiranger)
    • State-of-the-art infrastructure, wide choice of service facilities
    • Easily accessible on modern, paved roads
    • No mass tourism

    More information on port facilities, calls and prices etc. will be posted on this page soon.

  • Port information

    kjolden Port is situated at the head of Sognefjord, the world‘s longest navigable fjord, 204 km east of the coast ¨

    • Distance to Bergen is just 153 nautical miles (equivalent to one overnight voyage)
    • Breathtaking views from the ship whilst it sails up and down the LustrafjordEasy nautical approach to Skjolden
    • No strong winds, no tides
    • No bridges to be passed on approach

    Please note that: With reference to berth bookings and confirmations, Port Authorties follow the regulations, first come – first served, i.e. those booking first has preference on the pier, but Port Authorities has the right to chance this if it is for the benefit of the operations in port.

    Download a PDF with more information here:

    NAUTICAL / TECHNICAL information on the port of Skjolden - Sognefjord


Skjolden Cruisekai AS - Sognefjord
Phone: +47 900 90 458

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