• Amateur video from Saga call 2008

  • Saga Ruby out of the mist

    Saga Ruby sailed in to Skjolden in thick morning mist, and for a long time we could only hear her. Still happy passengers met happy locals waving flags at the tender pier in Skjolden. The marching band from Luster was playing and after them some other locals took over playing folk music from the area. The mist finally lifted around eleven and showed a clear blue sky and the sun was shining.

  • Braemar visited Skjolden

    Tuesday July 31 Fred Olsen's Braemar visited Skjolden. The weather was quite nice and all passengers seemed to enjoy the spectacular scenery and the small, idyllic village of Skjolden.

  • Saga Rose in Skjolden 15.06.07

    Saga Rose dropped anchor in Skjolden at 7 am Friday 15, and was too a part of the grand opening of the new Norwegian cruise destination Skjolden - Sognefjord. The sun was shining, and the locals greeted our new guests with flags, music and more.

    Many guests found their way to the local market where children where playing and dancing etc. In addition, our guests enjoyed several different guided excursions, such as visits to the Urnes Stave Church, the Jotunheimen National Park, the Jostedalsbreen National Park, Breheimsenteret, Gaupne Old Church, helicopter flights etc.

    Welcome back to Skjolden in August, Saga Rose!

  • Bremen in Skjolden 14.06.07

    MS Bremen was the very first cruise ship to call our new Norwegian cruise port, Skjolden. We were very pleased to welcome all the friendly and happy cruise tourists and crew members.
    Most passengers joined guided tours where they enjoyed the Urnes Stave Church, glacier walking in the Jostedalsbreen (Glacier) National Park, kayaking tours and fishing trips etc.
    We wish you very welcome back, BREMEN!

  • Cruise success in Skjolden - Warm welcome

    MS Bremen and Saga Rose were the first two cruise vessels to call the new Norwegian cruise port, Skjolden - Sognefjord. They were heartily welcomed by the local community, including a marching band, the fire brigade spraying water, waving flags, local musicians playing the accordion etc.

    Several of the passengers choose to enjoy the small village of Skjolden with a small market etc, while others went on guided tours to the National Parks of Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen, the Urnes Stave Church and other museums and attractions in the area.

    Our guests seemed very satisfied with everything they experienced during their stay in Skjolden. Some even said that they felt like royalties because of the warm welcome they got.

    We wish everyone welcome back to Skjolden - Sognefjord!

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